Boredom Breakers – Theatrical Progeniture

Boredom Breakers – Theatrical Progeniture

Boredom is the only shared sentiment in this impossible encounter.

In their absence, firehose, jute rope, galvanized chain and rubber tires remain. The solidified actors of a behavioral minimum.

The boredom is deadly. Manic behavior is the only benchmark of the objects usefulness.

Boredom is the one thing in common in this illusionary space and insanity is the sole communicative mean.

In this theater of genealogy the decor is brutalist yet baroque, ornately referencing a forlorn habituated habitat: stripped to the threshold of depravation, abstracted to fatty neural logic.

The actors are immunized to encounters, lethargic and dull. The archetypal characters: Tire swinger, Rope climber, Wood clawer, Fence Gnawer, Self-eater and Fur plucker are prominent, not yet visible at the moment.

In zoos they constitute the living monument to their own disappearance, it cannot but disappoint.

The consequences are acts of unnatural behaviour, carefully threading Froot Loops on a mop is one of them.

Georg Nordmark & Klara Zetterholm